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Unlock your artistic potential and discover the secrets of creating stunning pencil portraits in my upcoming live masterclass.

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Hi, I am Vaishnavi!

As a Portrait artist and Realistic drawing coach, I am committed to helping individuals unleash their inner creativity and experience the incredible power of art. For me, art is not just a hobby or a profession, it is a way of life that can bring immense joy and fulfillment.

In pursuit of my passion, I founded the 'Creative Genius Hub', a vibrant and supportive community that empowers budding artists to thrive and reach their full potential. Through my coaching and mentorship, I aim to create an environment that fosters creativity, encourages exploration and celebrates diversity.

I firmly believe that every individual possesses a unique artistic purpose and deserves the opportunity to express themselves freely.

My mission is to help 100,000 art enthusiasts unlock their full creative potential and realize their artistic dreams. Join me on this inspiring journey and together, let's create a world filled with beauty and creativity.

My Mission

Redefine Education
nurture creativity

My mission is to inspire and empower artists to unleash their full creative potential and find joy and fulfillment through their art.

My Expertise

Digital Coaching
Artistic Mentorship

With 5000+ hours of experience in portrait drawing, I help artists master the art of realistic pencil and charcoal portraits.

My Community

Business Growth Hub
Creative Genius Hub

I founded this community in 2021 to create a space where artists can grow, connect, and thrive. Here we provide artists with the support and resources they need to accelerate their growth and achieve their artistic goals.

3 Steps To Develop Your Drawing Skills

Step 1

Start to Observe Things Closely

Observation is a powerful tool for artists to create realistic and vibrant drawings. By paying attention to details such as texture, lighting, and shadow, artists can capture the essence of their subjects. A coach can help you see things you might miss and make your sketches better.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

Practice freehand proportions

Proportions are the foundation of any drawing, and getting them right is key to creating a realistic representation of your subject. By practicing freehand proportions, you can train your eye to see the relationships between the different parts of your subject and how they fit together as a whole.

Step 3

Understand Light and Shadow

Understanding light and shadow is key to creating realistic drawings. It's like magic on paper! A coach can help you master the nuances of light and shadow, enabling you to create impactful drawings that bring your subject to life. Practice with simple objects and gradually increase complexity to enhance your skills.

Step 3

My portfolio

Here is a selection of my original work and commissioned work, all drawn with graphite and charcoal pencils. 

The 'Creative Genius Hub'

Building a new art school for the new world!

Discover the stunningly realistic artworks created by students in our community! These pieces showcase the skill, dedication, and creativity of these budding artists, who have honed their craft through hard work and practice. 

As a mentor and coach, I am proud to have played a part in nurturing these talents, and I am excited to share their incredible works with the world. Let their work inspire you on your own artistic journey!

Simple Process to Get Start

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started in your artistic journey.

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